Pampas Grass is an ornamental grass with (pink, lavender or white) plumes that is easy to plant that many homeowners choose to add to their lawn. Contained in this blog are a few interesting facts regarding its characteristics and planting tips.
Pampas grass can grow up to 12 feet in height and a diameter of 10 feet. For this reason plan accordingly so it will not grow into an area that you would rather it not.  Plant a safe distance from your house to restrict it from spreading to your home’s exterior. Also pay close attention if you are planting near a driveway or road to not obstruct your view from traffic.
Pampas grass creates a nice privacy barrier and is resistant to drought and pests, and grows well in direct sun; it should be exposed to 5 or more hours a day to sunlight. Use caution when planting or pruning as the grass has very sharp edges that will easily cut. Pampas grass is pretty forgiving as it grows in most soil types, is relatively easy to plant without a green thumb and requires very little maintenance. A word of caution, Pampas Grass is flammable.
In conclusion, Pampas Grass provides a beautiful decoration for your yard, it is ideal for filling bare spots, grows fast, adapts easily and is inexpensive to purchase.

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