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How to Optimize Your Backyard for Your Child with Autism

Autism in America Autism spectrum disorder is a range of conditions characterized by the unique differences observed in children. Those with autism often experience challenges with social skills, speech, nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. However, they also exhibit specific strengths within a child’s own set of skills. In fact, there is evidence of a genetic […]


GREEK REVIVAL HOUSES Greek revival house plan design began in the 1st half of the 19th century reaching its peak between 1830 to 1860 and declined during the Civil war period. The post-Civil war ushered in the advent of the Victorian era gradually reducing the construction of Greek Revival Homes. Characteristics of these homes include […]


Every year tastemakers and designers await the announcement of Pantone’s Color of the Year. This year’s color, Marsala, is the perfect earthy tone to incorporate in your home and still add a pop of color. Marsala is defined by Pantone as, “A naturally robust and earthy red wine…” In keeping with the natural organic trends […]


For over 25 years, Southern Staircase has been the leader of high quality custom residential and commercial staircases throughout the industry. Their facilities located in Georgia and the Carolina’s are comprised of a state of the art wood shop with skilled and experienced craftsman creating one of a kind staircases coupled with quality, beauty and […]