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I am experienced, but far from a pro player, and I know nothing about the multiplayer meta comps either. [3] When a province's loot bar is empty no more loot can be taken from that province. Required fields are marked *. In EUIV most combat is land-based and, while the naval aspect of war holds importance, losing the land war is usually the main cause of defeat. With a Military Technology level of nine, you will have a combat width of 25. If the fort does not surrender, add 1 to the breach status and 2 to the siege status. Military tactics reduces the amount of damage a country's troops take in combat. Administrative, Diplomatic, and Military Technologies can all reach a maximum level of 32, and it will take the entire game to get that far if you make it at all. Is it normal for the 100 years war to be this one-sided? e.g. Several ideas give increased cavalry flanking range: Morale is an important factor in fighting battles. Generally, during the shock phase, cavalry is the most powerful and during the fire phase, infantry. Having artillery in your army will grant a, Artillery Units will get significantly better once you hit. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews. Yes. This value scales linearly with the army maintenance slider. so say for example combat width is 27: you have an army of 27 inf and 27 artillery and they engage an enemy in battle, as soon as one of your infantry regiments breaks, your artillery will start taking losses and will also do less damage. Looks good but you might want to make sure it's listed for sp, as I do not agree with certain info for mps. Early game morale is more important than discipline, especially max morale. -Highlands, Hills, Jungle, and Marsh reduce combat width by 25%. Is it normal for the 100 years war to be this one-sided? Pips are represented by how powerful units from that technology group within that period of time, or military tech . Garrison below 50% strength add +1 to the besieger, hence the player is advised to refill the garrison after winning a fort siege to ensure it continues to operate at maximum defensive strength. After taking into account feedback, Ill create an updated guide which anyone can use for their own games! Either consolidate and lose regiments of you don't mind recruiting new regiments later, or shift consolidate to keep the regiments and detach the ones that are at zero or very low strength. The garrison will recover at a normal rate after mothballing is cancelled. However, it can traverse any territory (other than wasteland) without needing military access. The game uses an undocumented algorithm to automatically deploy land units on the battlefield for each side of the battle. Is it normal for the 100 years war to be this one-sided? i have almost no understanding of combat in this game please help me. Ideas and conditions that increase fire damage dealt: Ideas and conditions that increase shock damage dealt: Ideas and conditions that reduce fire damage taken: Ideas and conditions that reduce shock damage taken: In principle, units on the frontline retreat and are replaced by reserve units when they reach either 0 morale or 0 regiment strength. Brought up on mascot platformers and role-playing games from Japan, Ryan has been passionate about gaming for over two decades. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. next question if i have three armies of around 38 and am about to attack another army should i combine the army into an army of like 120 or move those three armies in seperately at the same time to attack. | Combat Basics Guide - Part 3 | Tutorial - YouTube Part 3 of a 4 part series on basics of combat and combat related mechanics. Enjoy! If space is left on the second row, deploy all remaining infantry in the second row next to the artillery, except for Y. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The first round of artillery you unlock theyre not very good but are useful and when sieging theyve extremely useful. If you open your technology panel, on the rightside of the military tech area should be a collection of stats related to your current tech level. The die roll may result in an increase of the siege status, which improves the results of future siege stages. During Age of Revolutions it is possible to enable Improved Force March ability, which reduces military power cost to 0 (requires Mandate of Heaven). An army cannot drill while doing this. The back line of cannons should already be filled so the additional cannons will sit in reserves doing nothing but lose moral. Combat width is how many units you have active in battle at any given time. As such, armies are made up of only infantry and cavalry. Deploy all remaining cavalry in the second row, beginning from the edge and going inwards. Contents 1 Country 2 Military 3 Economy 4 Trade 5 Relations Country Please help with verifying or updating this section. When hostile troops enter a province and stop moving, a siege/occupation will begin. Terrain can reduce it by up to 50% during battles. Units on the backline take full morale casualties. General skills, military tech level, morale, terrain, number of troops, combat skills, troops compositions and pips. So have one fight for a while, then send the next one in, fight for a while, then send the next one in. You're probably not walking around with stacks this big or you'll be taking lots of attrition. Subscribe. Unlike the combat width of land warfare, the naval engagement width of the two participants are independent, that means one participant could have wider engagement width than the other. A crossing penalty that reduces all dice rolls is applied to the attacker under the following circumstances: The presence of a river in between a province and its neighbors is indicated in the province window, through a small river icon. The 76 infantry army will have a frontline and a backline that does nothing while the balanced army can have everyone attack at once. Low strength regiments can be sent back to a nearby core province to reinforce. When two hostile armies meet in a province a battle will commence. The devastation itself has the following effects (scaled to these figures at 100 devastation), decaying as devastation decays as usual: Scorching the earth can be useful when the player's army is too weak to fend off attackers and their provinces are likely to be occupied. The army can be detached at any time except in battle. -Highlands, Hills, Jungle, and Marsh reduce combat width by 25%. Combat is not only determined by mere numbers such as modifiers and dice-rolls, but through a complex simulation in which units deployed into two rows of positions for each side, allowing units to fight the enemy units in front of them, the enemies at their flanks if possible (with high enough flanking range), and move between different positions if needed. Don't worry too much about playing optimally. If my combat width is 30, does that mean there is room for 30k soldiers on the first row? Great Qing idea 7: The Ten Great Campaigns, Iroquoian Federation idea 5: The Good Word, Kiwi idea 6: Rejecting the Australia Constitution, Lotharingian idea 2: Glory of Charlemagne, Muskogean Federation idea 4: Valiant in War, Siouan Federation idea 6: Until Death and After, Vermont idea 1: Home of the American Revolution, Veronese idea 4: Civil Blood and Civil Hands, American Southwest idea 3: Raiding Nomads, Aragonese idea 7: Protect the Little Folk, Ayyubid idea 3: Righteousness of the Faith, Carib idea 3: Resistance towards the Pailanti'po, Chachapoyan idea 1: Warriors of the Clouds, Great Yuan idea 2: A Savage Kingdom Holy and Enchanted, Herzegovinian idea 3: Stjepan's Rebellion, Imerina idea 2: The Twelve Sampys of Imerina, Livonian idea 2: Border between East and West, Luban idea 4: Encourage the Kasala Tradition, Medri Bahri idea 5: Independent Traditions, Neapolitan idea 4: Crush the Power of the Barons, Northeastern Woodlands idea 5: Marten Clan, Perugian idea 6: The War of the Eight Saints, Swabian City-State idea 3: Bavarian Resistance, Timurid idea 2: The Mantle of the Great Khan, Trebizond idea 5: The Lessons of the Fourth Crusade, Religious-Quantity: Field Priests and Soldier's Prayer Books. The base combat width is 15. Full strength regiments fight much more effectively than half strength. Retreat cannot happen until both two fire and two shock phases have been completed. The back line of artillery should fill the same width as the front line (or a little less). Stacking your armies let's your enemy do bonus damage for free. The worst possible starting bonus is 11, for a level 8 fort in a capital (9) with no blockade (2). When starting out you should still use cavalry but its best to ditch them at around Tech 10. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. Keeping an eye on your army width and taking some time to readjust the makeup of your armies is a small chore that can pay dividends. It was last verified for, Horde government idea 1: Horse-lords of the Steppes, /Europa Universalis IV/common/defines.lua, /Europa Universalis IV/common/static_modifiers/00_static_modifiers.txt, PDXCON Please see the main article for full details as there are a number of exceptions and the behaviour is not intuitive. The garrison can be ordered to make a sortie to fight the hostile army, at the cost of 10 military power. I go with 12-4-4 to start, with less artillery if I can't afford much. Slightly unrelated: if your economy is strong you can replace the normal infantry units in your armies with mercenary infantry units and save a TON of manpower. Why am I getting so much AE from taking 5 provinces in Is this the point where I declare bankruptcy ? The respective effect of pips depends on the shock and fire modifiers of military technology and ideas. Armies that are forced marching do not recover morale. If you're looking for a combat-focused game, this ain't it. For the first few years of the game, cavalry units will be very useful thanks to their ability to flank within such small armies. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Ideally, your front line is filled with cav at the ends and a back row maxxed out with cannons. For example: with all else being equal, if your general has 6 fire pips and your opponent's general has 3 fire pips, your side will inflict 15 base casualties to the enemy during the fire phase, whereas your opponent will inflict 0 base casualties to your side, All units present in a battle take base morale casualties equal to 1% of the average max morale of enemy troops per day on top of the calculated morale casualties. Contrary to popular belief, reducing the enemy army to 0 morale before they can retreat is not sufficient to stackwipe. Maximum siege status values goes up with the attacker's maximum fort building level. This typically occurs if the unit is facing an enemy artillery regiment or a particularly outdated unit; in this case the unit may choose to attack the flanks of a stronger enemy unit nearby. Having your frontline be made up of more Cavalry than your Ratio allows, applies a Military Tactics Debuff to your Cavalry Units in the Frontline, equal to the percantage that you are exceeding your Ratio, divided by 2. Once cannons are unlocked, things change rather drastically. If the garrison army, which consists only of infantry, loses the fight, the province and fort will become occupied. An attached army cannot board transports. Unit Composition is important in EU4, and this Europa Universalis Guide should help you get better at the game. In total, these add +3 permanent siege status. A controlled retreat is manually ordering an army to retreat from battle after the initial fire and shock phases, and while it still has greater than 0.50 average morale. -Forest and Woods reduce combat width by 20%. Note that the leader skill bracket cannot be negative. Attacker penalties from terrain are applied to the siege army, while attacker penalties from river/strait crossings are nullified regardless of any leaders' Maneuver pips. Units set to auto suppression reduce unrest by a greater amount than normal; to be exact, they suppress unrest at 500% effectiveness. However, if a given army is besieging a province that contains a fort and is attacked by troops owned by or allied with whoever currently controls the fort, the roles are switched: the siege army is treated as the "attackers," and those attempting to break the siege are the "defenders." At the beginning of each phase, each side rolls a die. Like you recommend a 10 unit half stack for a combat width of 15. Combat width determines how many units can actively participate in a battle at one time. Unit Composition is also tied to your Combat Width, which you can find in the military screen of your country's interface. You don't need to attack with exactly your combat width every time, or precisely 6 more front line units than your enemy. (The Sortie from siege button is shown on the siege screen.) When an army is in a province to which it lost military access in any other way it will also be exiled. The final range is always rounded down to the nearest integer. This ratio threshold is checked daily even during battles, and is based on the actual headcount of individual soldiers instead of regiments. When between 25 and 50% strength they will fight at 50% of their flanking range. It increases attrition (hurting the enemy's manpower), and makes the provinces less valuable to the attacker while they're occupying them. If the morale of an army is less than 0.50 the player can not control the destination. Armies exceeding their nation's ratio of cavalry to infantry receive the "insufficient support" penalty. Each 1000 artillery soldiers count as 1 artillery. In general the army can then only move to another province that has no more than one province that is not affected by a hostile zone of control between itself and the return province. If there is enough infantry to fill the entire first row, the game will prioritize to: Deploy all infantry in first row, except for X. Artillery units are unlocked at level seven, which is when you should start shuffling your army compositions around to include them. Deploy X units of cavalry on each side of the first row. A fort building in a capital province can be mothballed as normal, but the free fort will remain. Special thanks to Jarvin for explaining a lot of the precise EU4 combat mechanics to me and helping update the guide. Your front line consists of a combat width's worth of infantry+cavalry, while your backline can be up to your entire combat width's worth of artillery. The check on leader maneuver rating is performed daily, so a high maneuver leader can still swing the tide of battle even if he joins an engagement late. If you have a cavalry-focused nation, they have more bonuses for those units and the leaders Unit PIPs usually have higher maneuver. This can result in a speedy conclusion of the siege at the cost of 5 military power, and usually costs lots of lives. The following contributes to a nation's morale recovery speed. 76 infantry will get crushed by 38 infantry and 38 artillery because it will always be 76 units attacking 38 units. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); Copyright 2023, All Rights Reserved | NeuralGamer (, EU4 Army Composition Spreadsheet (Europa Universalis 4). Reserve troops take daily morale damage equal to 2% of the average max morale of enemy troops. Create your own. scotsoe 5 yr. ago I keep my stacks close together and prepared for battle, it's never just the one. Subscribe to download. All battles go through 3 phases alternating between Fire and Shock. Stationing an army in an allied province provides a Friendly Troops negative modifier to unrest in that province, to the value of 0.25 per regiment, to a maximum of 5 at 20 regiments. Phases alternate between Fire and Shock, with the Fire phase happening first. It's in the tech screen, down right (as a part of the military tech info box). Below is a table with said military technology levels and how much they increase flanking range. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Winning a battle gives the winning armies 50% of their maximum morale and retreating from a battle will reduce the other allied armies' morale relative to the portion of troops leaving the engagement. Each day of combat a unit will take a morale hit equal to 1% of the average max morale of enemy troops, regardless of damage taken from an enemy regiment. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. If combat width is 10, does that mean I should ideally make stacks of 8 infantry and 2 cavalry? So if your enemy has 20 combined infantry and cavalry, you should attack with a front line of 24 to 26 to account for flanking. Discipline becomes more important as damage multipliers increase over time. Newly trained regiments at low land unit maintenance will often fall below this threshold. The only real thing to add to this for mp is to only use a few of these depending on your total army size, this means 1-3 combined stacks in most cases and to use pure inf for the rest to reinforce as excess cannons do little to win battles and you tend not to have more than 1-3 battles going at any given time, cav as always is a topic of its own as most nations without will and probably should simply not use it (in my opinion), apart from that this is a very nice resource i will save and hand to all my beginner esque friends who need the advice in the future. The stupidity of 40k infantry having no combat advantage over 20k in a 20 combat width should absolutely be fixed. If a sieging army wins a battle on a province where they're sieging, an immediate bonus siege tick is triggered. Unless you're a horde then it's CAV CAV CAV BABY, or a Muslim or eastern tech they can go up to 8 or 6 Cav respectively if you got the money. What comps do you guys use? The Shock Damage cavalry does is superior to infantry, and they deal good flanking damage. if you have 27 inf, 6 cav and 27 artillery (or just 33 inf and 27 artillery), you have 6k infantry in . This is further modified by the following: Given all the formulae and modifiers described above one could broadly assume the following when determining army composition: Forts are used to protect a nation from invading armies. Thanks! Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. All the while, the system retreats destroyed or low-morale units and deploys reinforcements and reserves as well. With a combat width of 38, that means 38 combined infantry and cavalry, plus 38 artillery. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. If there are no available controlled provinces to retreat to within a large range, the army will shattered retreat to one province away. Hence, try and avoid enemies if their front lines far exceed yours. The attacker may choose to assault the garrison with their infantry if the walls have been breached at least once. If you're attacking a large army that more than fills the combat width. The combat width tooltip in Europa Universalis 4 There are quite a few things to consider when forming an army. Nevermind i was wrong. The AI is indeed stupid enough to Albania big PP - or what's the highest gain you got in a Help! Any unit types can be used for sieging, but for sieging a fortified province, only infantry will be used in an assault, and artillery speeds the siege up. Do you think they should have such a high price tag? If the Width is 27 it means you need something like 20/8/26. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. The army then reduces unrest in all of those provinces via the "Friendly Troops" modifier, as though they were stationed in each individual province. By the time you actually reach the battle you are terrified and your spirit broken and retreat almost as soon as your friends begin to fall. Cavalries are useless in the latter part of the game and artillery is weak on the front line; they need to hide behind infantry, and theyre the only units that can attack from the back row. Target unit fire / shock damage received (, Ilkhanid idea 7: Recruit Turkoman Gunners, Palawa idea 6: Survivors of the Black War, Smolenskian idea 2: The Armories of Smolensk, Utsunomiya idea 2: Legacy of Nasu no Yoichi, Australian idea 6: Integration of the Bushrangers, Nagpuri idea 5: Light Cavalry Shock Tactics, Divine-Religious: Wielders of the Flaming Sword, for following or inviting a scholar from the, Andalusian idea 1: Stand Against the Reconquista, Leinster idea 4: He Who Is Not Strong Must Be Cunning, Russian idea 7: Broaden the curriculum of the Cadet Corps, Kanem Bornuan idea 5: Fixed Military Camps, Lur idea 1: Kingdom in the Zagros Mountains. A native army equal in size to the local native population (rounded to the nearest thousand) will spawn immediately and must be defeated in battle to clear out the native population. Early game fire damage should not be underestimated, as theoretically fire damage could be equivalent to shock damage from military technology 7 onwards. Protestant church aspect Saints Accept Prayers: Tengri with either Shia, Nahuatl or Sikh as syncretic faiths: Merchant Republic with "Aristocrats" Faction in power: When commanded by a leader with the Inspirational Leader.

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